Image of a diver with an underwater photography setup in front of the wreck of the Kingston in the Egyptian Red Sea

Accessible Underwater Photography


Taking photographs underwater is seen by many to be a daunting subject. Potentially expensive and difficult to understand. It’s no wonder that people are often put off before they’ve even given it a chance, believing that the route to good underwater photography means that they need to spend a fortune and possess ninja like underwater imaging expertise.

Here at Blue Duck Photography we believe that if you are given the Best Advice, two words at the core of our ethos, then the initial expense can be minimised, and you won’t spend needlessly to gain a good foothold in this fun and rewarding subject.

The key to understanding taking underwater images can be distilled into very simple instruction, and once you have the basic knowledge you will be better informed about making good purchasing decisions.

We can teach you the basics before you’ve even bought an underwater photography rig and then sell you a suitable outfit based upon your budget and your initial diving and photography skill and knowledge level.